types of POS point of sale

The Major Types of Point of sale system:

1. Mobile POS: Mobile POS is a wireless setup for doing Point of sale, normally with a smartphone or tablet or any type of wireless device along with card reader and Mobile Application to perform card payments. The payment receipt … Read More

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advantages of pos Point of sale

Advantages of having Point of Sale System

1.POS – Point of Sales Helps Retailers: As the small retailer has a limited number of resources, time and funds, the Point of Sale helps him to improve marketing, analyze sales, the better reach of customers, economically manage inventory. 2.POS … Read More

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what is pos types of pos point of sale

What is POS(Point of Sale)?

“A good Sale too gets affected when the checkout point is not so fast and quick!”  What is POS (Point of Sale)?  Point of Sale is defined as the place where a consumer/cardholder pays for the goods and the merchant … Read More

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PIM digiit business service

Product Information Management

What is Product Information Management – PIM ? PIM – Product information management system is a tool for handling the entire product information needed for development to production and marketing to selling of the products in large amount. What is … Read More

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12 Major types of eCommerce – DBS

12 Major Types Of eCommerce “Are you a businessman, or a small retailer? Are you willing to expand your business goal globally?. Then you should know about What is E-Commerce? And the fundamentals of E-Commerce, which everybody – especially you … Read More

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The benefits of having a website are unlimited! know some benefits – DBS

1. Main benefits of website – It Improves Sales Promotion: Website gives a benefit of improvement in sales. Website publishes the photos, videos of the product details and new product launches in website and describes how the products are comparatively … Read More

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Major Advantages of Ecommerce – DBS

“Do you know, if a man does not know to do online transactions on the internet, will be treated as a man of the stone age!”  Yes. It is 100% true! Because that much of influence the internet has in every … Read More

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What is website | Definition of a website – DBS

Website – “The most unavoidable thing in the digital world & the gateway for entering into internet” A website can be defined as a collection of files, documents or multimedia contents stored in a server and always be available for … Read More

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what is ecommerce | definition of ecommerce -DBS

What is E-commerce? Since from earlier nineties (from 1994) , we are very much familiar with the word “ E Commerce”. What is E Commerce ? All Commercial transactions – those could be a buying & selling of product or … Read More

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How Brands & Retailers Give Away Their Competitive Advantages to Amazon (and Don’t Even Realize It)

By Michelle Bacharach  June 27, 2019 Shopper personalization is important, but when taken to an extreme, it cuts off most retailers<!–more–> at the knees as it removes their unique brand points of view, which is something Amazon can never replicate.

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