Digital Marketing Workshop At Digiit

We, Digiit Business Services – the leading IT company located Trichy had conducted one day workshop for educating entrepreneurs about Digital Marketing on 01/02/2020. 

Being digital world citizens, we all very well know about the importance of digitalization in all aspects. Most of the customers are moving to online shopping and spend their quality time on social media. 

So, it is essential for every business to do marketing at the place where most of the consumers spend theitime and money. 

Here the digital marketing plays the crucial role in every business success and to be part of the modern eco system.

And more, the digital marketing is cost effective, result driven, flexible and opt for small businesses! 

Mr.Amudha Kumar – the leading trainer in Digital Marketing domain  in Chennai took part in our workshop  as resource person. 



He gave lectures on digital marketing and cover the topics - like

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. How can a business do digital marketing?
  3. The latest trends in digital marketing. 
  4. What is Search Engine Optimizations and how to doSEO? 
  5. What is Search EngineMarketing (SEM)?
  6. What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
  7. What is Social MediaOptimization?
  8. What is google analytics?
  9. What is google trends?
  10. How can asmall business even don’t have a own website to do digital marketing with the help of Google My business?
  11. How to upload a video in YouTube and to do SEO for that? 

In the morning session he taught about the above topic and in the afternoon session there was a handson training conducted to every participant. 

We – Digiit Business Services have plans to conduct periodical workshops and seminars with trending E-Commerce contents that are useful to every business owner to move their business to the next level. 

 With our unified E-Commerce platform, every small business owner even retailers can take part in the digital business journey. 

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