Distributed Order Management (DOM)

DOM Distributed order management

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.” 
                                     ― David J. Greer, Wind In Your Sails 

What is Distributed Order Management (DOM)?  

Today, the consumer of the digital world, always expects ultra- convenience in shopping and the retailers must provide better & personalized shopping experience, Omni channels and better customer support with smooth interactions to the consumers in order to sustain in the digital ecosystem.  

         A huge shopping revolution is happening in the worldwide retail market today and there are many changes in the shopping behavior of digital world consumers. There are many choices are available for them and they always prefer to shop wherever they get the most convenient shopping experiences.  

          Now the retailers have more responsibility to fulfill the consumer’s order at the most convenient customer experience – no matter of its source, it can be an E-commerce order, Mobile commerce order, call center order or even from physical stores. To do this, they need to have real-time visibility on all inventory systems of every channel in the whole organization.  

              Here comes the need for adoption and implementation of the distributed order management system to optimize order fulfillment in cost-effective and convenient ways.  

       With the help of effective supply chain management that supports dynamic movements of inventory across various channels and real-time visibility of integrated inventory of entire organization, distributed order management will generate the best order fulfillment plan to provide seamless customer experience.  

Why Distributed Order Management is Important for Retail Success?

Achieving customer experience excellence is the main goal of every retailer which is a challenge for them with a single order fulfillment system. In the Modern retail market, consumers expect more convenient shopping and use Omni channels to place orders. The source of order could be an E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce, or from a physical store and from anywhere. With a single fulfillment system, the shipping will not be easier, faster, accurate and in preferred time & at the preferred place which the customer needs.   

      There is a need for a single, global view of inventory across the entire organization, dynamic supply chain management & logistics management to fulfill the order. DOM optimize the order fulfillment by finding out the best plan with considerations of locations, legal issues, inventory availability across the organization, and the consumer’s preferable place and time. DOM also handles the return shipping.  

         DOM finds out the best location to fulfill the order. It considers the nearby and the desired location and the desired date for delivery. It intelligently manages the orders captured from various sources and fulfills the order accurately and cost-effectively.    

We can say “Customers are the boss!”. To make them happy and to provide wonderful customer experience, you need to implement Distributed Order Management system, in your business! 

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