The benefits of having a website are unlimited! know some benefits – DBS

1. Main benefits of website - It Improves Sales Promotion:

Website gives a benefit of improvement in sales. Website publishes the photos, videos of the product details and new product launches in website and describes how the products are comparatively better than the competitors.

2. A website gives the big benefit of Maintaining good customer Rapport:

The big benefit of website is maintenance of good rapport with qualified customers by sending automated Emails such as A welcome Email, Thanks Email, Email with Product launch details and also by giving multi visits rewards etc.,

3. Major benefit of website is Cutting down the printing cost of business promotions:

The business website gives a major benefit in reducing the printing cost. The website itself works as a brochure and catalogue of product listings and descriptions. It exhibits the products, its availability and describes about them. The printing cost of the brochures, catalogues and notices as well as the cost of distributions of them are cut down.

4. More effective benefit of a website is Making of customer satisfactions:

The effective benefit of the website is immediate responses given to the queries, complaints and feedbacks of the customers. By providing forms for customer queries, complaints and setting up the auto- replies for them, will make the customer happy and satisfied.

5.The most attractive benefit of website is, implementation of advancements in Marketing:

Can you imagine a small business too can apply big concepts such as target marketing, as the corporate giants do? is possible with the help of customer profiles and business history and the data – acquired from surveys and polls from the customers . A business website makes it possible for even a small trader!

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