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Website – “The most unavoidable thing in the digital world & the gateway for entering into internet” A website can be defined as a collection of files, documents or multimedia contents stored in a server and always be available for access through the internet.

Website influences in various fields. A website can be a personal website for publishing the information of an individual, a company’s commercial website, an educational organization’s official website, website of government body and spiritual organization’s website.

What is Server, IP Address & Domain Name?

The storage area of files and other contents of the website is called server. The place or unique address where the website is stored in the server is referred as IP address – which contains only numbers. As the IP Address is of only numbers, it is difficult to remember it to access the website every time. To make the access of the website easier, a substitute of IP Address is used, and it is called as “Domain name”.

Role of browsers:

Browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firebox are the programs, used to view the content of the website. The contents of the websites are in the form of codes, so that the user cannot understand it. The browser converts the code into the form that a user can look at and use.

How does the website work?

If a user tells the browser to view the website, the browser will send request to the server where the contents of the website are stored. The server will respond to the browser by sending the information asked and the browser will make it understandable to the user.

Home Page:

The first page or the start page of the website is known as “Home Page” and it will attract the visitors and navigates him to other pages by providing links. The Headlines and key points of the website content are published in home page and it will give links to the main text of the content published in some page in the website.

Advantages of having a Website:

Website are used in number of applications such as education, entertainments, commercials, fashion, devotional and many.


The website of a university, the students are informed about the courses, admission details, examination announcements, postponements, exam results online. Some educational institutions give online trainings through their websites.

Entertainments & Social Media:

The Movies, Music albums, games and other entertainments & are accessed by the people through websites. In social media networks people share their ideas and views.


E Commerce websites are used for commercial activities like trading, fund transfers.


Fashion news & updates, new arrivals of fashion are published in the website.

Devotional Websites:

Devotional websites are accessed by the pilgrims effectively for scheduling their holy trips.

Government Websites:

The Taxes, other consumables like Electricity, telephone bills are paid through the websites of the corresponding government department. The property registrations are done in online through the government website.

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