Why Digital Marketing is important?

Why Digital Marketing is important?

  • E-Commerce statistics say that more than 25% of the global population do online shopping. And the number is increasing rapidly day by day and expected to hit massively.
  • Statistics say the 24 hours availability is the number one reason why online shoppers are increasing. 
  • Nearly 85% of global consumers are doing research online before their purchase. 
  • 65% of global consumers do price comparisons online before purchase. 

14 major reasons why digital marketing is important

Let us discuss how digital marketing is important for a business to grow and thrive in the modern ecosystem of the digital world in various aspects!

digital marketing

1.Digital Marketing is important to reach the customers where they shop:

  • Younger people spend averagely 6 hours per week on online shopping and the seniors and baby boomers also spend more time on online shopping. 
  • Global shoppers start believing the online brands and consider the product reviews given by the earlier customers. 
  • People spend averagely 2 hours 23 minutes of a day on social media and approximately 45% of the global people use social media. 
  • To reach the customers where they spend their time and money, digital marketing becomes more crucial for a business for its success and sustainability in the global market.  

2.Digital marketing accelerates business growth of all sizes:

  • Digital marketing offers equal opportunities for all businesses and does not consider the business size. 
  • Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is cost-effective and even small businesses can also implement digital marketing tactics such as social media marketing, E-Mail marketing with minimum spending.  

3.Digital marketing is important to get more Target Customers:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) allows you to do advertisements to your target customers. 
  • Based on the previous searches, location, demographic data of the customers, the Search Engine Marketing works and place relevant Ads to target the customers. 
  • Considering the area of interest, age, gender, marital status, and the posts, social media marketing places the right advertisements at the right place to target the customers.  

4.Digital marketing is Cost-Effective:

  • Digital marketing channels are easy to adopt, fast, result-driven and global people like digital content. 
  • Even small businesses with small capital, are now able to implement digital marketing techniques with minimum budget.
  • Digital Marketing offers better CPL (Cost Per Lead) than the traditional marketing channels give. 
  • As the customer segmentation and target marketing are done effectively, you can place the right Ads in the right place. This will bring many leads and CPL will be very less. 
  • Content marketing, which is one of the components of digital marketing, costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing strategies.  

5.Marketing Approach as per the customer’s preference: 

  • In the digital world, people hate annoying ads, deceptive promotions and any marketing content which forces them to buy.
  • They feel irritated when the noisy, interruptive ads come at the time they enter the landing page.
  • Researches say above 30% of global internet users use ad blockers.  
  • So, businesses are responsible to approach the customers by adding values to them and the ways they like to consume the ads.
  • Usually, customers prefer ads that give them good content and help them to decide and choose the right products.
  • Digital marketing makes the brands to market in decent and respectful ways to reach the customers.  

6.Digital Marketing Brings More Leads:

  • Digital marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and E-Mail Marketing bring more leads and better conversion rates effectively.
  • Businesses can optimize the conversion rate of the leads generated by the digital marketing processes, with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools.  

7.Digital Marketing enhances customer personalization:

  • Today, in the digital world, the consumers of the digital era expect more convenience and personalized shopping experience.
  • They share their data with the brands they trust.
  • Based on the customer’s previous searches, purchase history, age, gender, location, the brands do better personalization in customer experience.
  • Sending personalized E-Mails to the customer with their names is one of the best digital marketing techniques – that is E-Mail Marketing. 
  • Brands send their promotional E-Mails to their customers with better personalization.    
  • Customers will be happy for the individual recognition by the brands and the product recommendations given by the business according to their requirements.  

8.Digital marketing provides Advanced Analytics:

There is a powerful software called Google Analytics which makes all kind of analytics of your customers such as

  • The number of visitors comes to your site by typing a query and directed to your site, with the help of SERP(Search Engine Result Page). 
  • The number of visitors comes to your site by external links or from other website links.
  • The number of visitors who were directed from social media.  
  • The Number of visitors who very well know your website URL and directly type your URL.  
  • The Number of visitors who clicked your paid Ads or any other promotional content of your website.  

From the above analytics data, you can segment the customers and let you decide which area you must focus on. It shows the source of visitors come to your site. Let you decide whether you should focus and spend on your social engagements or for creating brand awareness etc.,  

9.Digital Marketing gives Better ROI:

  • As we discussed in the beginning, digital marketing gives opportunities for all sizes of businesses, it gives more ROI to all small businesses who can spend a little.
  • E-Mail marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing bring more leads than traditional marketing methods.
  • With a quality list of email subscribers to your site and the relevant content sent by you to your subscribers will make good ROI.
  • A blog with relevant and useful content posted on your site will bring more leads via organic traffic.
  • Today, people love to watch videos and the videos with useful content uploaded by you in social media will work better.
  • Content marketing can make leads 3 times more than the traditional methods.  

10.Digital marketing let you Scale your Marketing results:

  • As digital marketing opts for small businesses, it is very flexible and easy to adopt.
  • You can choose a daily budget of social media Ads and campaigns and paid search Ads or display Ads according to your capability.
  • You need not negotiate and wait for the Ad contracts to end, which does not work well for your business.
  • You can make any changes in the Ad content at any time and able to relaunch it.
  • With the analytics data, you can scale and focus on the type of digital marketing that will do better for your business.   

11.Digital marketing importance in Better engagements with Mobile Customers:

  • Mobile marketing is one of the powerful digital marketing strategies because 80% of internet users have their smartphones.
  • The search queries through mobile phones surpass desktop search queries.
  • Customers feel comfortable with their mobile devices.
  • They use mobile devices to view emails, contents, information, product details, etc.
  • Mobile friendly is one of the main factors of google analytics.
  • In digital marketing, all ads and contents are designed with consideration of mobile platforms.
  • By adding mobile Apps in your site, will increase the customer engagements and customer retention.
  • Through the Push notifications and In-App notifications, you can send promotional messages, reminders, more personalized information and CTA (Call To Action) for particular events and campaigns to your engaged customers. 
  • All engaged customers who trust your brand and already downloaded your app allow all these notifications.

12.Effective Brand Building:

  • As Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s quote – “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room”, brand building is a crucial factor of every business success.
  • Branding is a unique visible identity of your business that differentiates you from others. The unique name, logo, color, and font makes your business brand different from others.
  • Now in the digital world, people start trusting brands and brands are responsible to give quality products without false advertisements.
  • The term brand building is a process of making the customers closer to the brand by creating brand awareness, promotions, campaigns, and sponsorships.
  • Digital marketing strategies do brand building tasks effectively through social media. Customers view the brands’ social media posts and ads before making their purchase.
  • The digital marketing tools helps you to conduct marketing campaigns, web banners at the right places and to provide the relevant products. So, Digital marketing is most important for brand building also.

13.Gains customer’s Trust:

  • In the digital world, the purchasing decisions made by the customers depend on the positive reviews and ratings given by the previous customers.
  • Your presence in all platforms wherever the online shoppers visit, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, etc., will make the customers evaluate and trust your brand.
  • The more positive reviews you get from the previous satisfied customers, the more you will gain the trust of customers.
  • The way you react and the actions you take to the negative reviews will also be taken into considerations. 

14.Helps to solve customer problems:

  • Through the live chats with your customers on social media, FAQ pages on your website, and with the help of interactive Emails, you can engage with your customers.
  • This direct engagement with customers and solving their problems helps you to make a good rapport with your customers.
  • You can relate the customers with your products by offering them useful content and solutions to their problems

15.Reaches Local Market:

  • As told before, the ultimate feature of digital marketing is easy adoption for small businesses.
  • A small business with less investment, even though it doesn’t have an own website can also implement digital marketing for its business growth.
  • Google My business is a free tool offered by Google and can be effectively used for digital marketing. After getting registered with Google my business, your small business too will be visible to Google’s local listings. By enhancing local SEO, you will get listed in Google searches and get more leads.
  • You can publish your business details, working hours, products and product images, campaign details, etc. in the google my business.  


To compete and sustain in the modern ecosystem, digital marketing is the best, cost-effective result-driven strategy that every business of any size should implement immediately.

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